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Team Leader, Team Player

Brad Hager is a believer. "Everyone can win in network marketing, " asserts the 39-year-old in his easy, North Carolina tone. “Whether or not they have any kind of sphere of influence, anybody can get in and win. I just love it.” Brad Hager has worked on both the corporate and the field sides of the industry fence. As national development director for a network marketing company in the early 90’s, he developed a company wide recruiting and training system that duplicated like wildfire and led that company to over $100 million in sales. As a distributor, Brad Hager went on to build an organization of over 65,000 people in only three years.

Brad Hager’s life now shows the fruits of his labors. He lives in a $1.4 million dollar house in Laguna Beach California, with wrap-around decks on three levels, and a view of Santa Catalina Island. He drives a Classic red Jaguar (which his company pays for) when he’s home, that is. That’s fairly seldom. To build his business and support his people, Brad Hager jets back and forth across the country continually, between home, his East Coast condo, and hotels all between.

brad hager - laptopBut try to get him to blow down his own horn, and all you’ll hear Brad Hager talk about is his people. In fact, Brad Hager first came to our attention because of his “team first” system for building his business. We kept getting letters at NML that said we ought to run a story on a man named Brad Hager.

Said one letter, “I’m an ordinary house-wife making a $30,000 monthly income because this man stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me and guided me every step of the way.”
Said another, “Brad Hager is a team player, simply extraordinary. No one will roll up his sleeves and get to work faster than Brad.”

Birth of a System

brad hager - staffIn 1998, Brad Hager joined Espial International, a Denver-based company with a broad line of natural home products, nutraceuticals, natural personal care, and weight loss products.
“The company was 10 years old,” says Brad Hager, “Financially solid, run by people of impeccable integrity, and I’d never heard of them.” The company’s owner signed Brad Hager directly to the company, and he rapidly began putting his system to work. He became the company’s top distributor in only seven months.

At the core of Brad Hager's approach is a national ad leads program, which, as he puts it, “Allows the little guy as well as the big guy to win.”

Contrary to the warm-market-first strategy so common in the industry, Brad Hager points out that most people don’t want to prospect their friends and family, at least, not when they’re new in the business.

“We do teach the three-foot rule [i.e., talk to everyone within three feet .But you don’t go out and build a house with a toolbox that has nothing in it but a hammer. Our system expands your toolbox so you can reach people you would otherwise never know.”
The system is based in a national ad program in which all the leaders participate as a team. The up-line and local team work with the leaders.

Within 24 hours after signing in, a new business builder in Brad Hager's organization could find qualified leads and be interviewed by trained leaders throughout the country.
“It’s a total package,” explains Brad Hager. “It’s not just that you place an ad. You also have the top people doing calls with you, training you every step of the way, and you have your up-line or even your sideline doing interviews for you. Even the training process is a carefully orchestrated team effort.”

Obviously, knowing how to word the ads effectively and how to manage all the logistics of coordinating a national team is the fruit of years of trial and error. Three years ago, Brad Hager wrote a training manual, outlining his ad program that included 81 tested ads.
“The beauty is using the ads,” says Brad Hager “Instead of trying to beg people or create a need for the opportunity, you’re working with people who respond to the ad. They’re pre-qualified—they want the opportunity.”

As important as it is to have the right ad copy and all the logistics down, the key to the whole system, asserts Hager, is the right teamwork.
“You can’t do this alone. If you try to do it solo, then you’re the only one interviewing, and it’s a huge burden. You just can’t get massive momentum going unless all your key leaders participate as a team.”

The teamwork that underpins Brad Hager's system, say his people, is even more important than any of the specifics of how they manage the ad program. He comments, “Several people from the other organizations bought copies of my manual, and it didn’t really work, they just didn’t have the leadership team to make it work.”

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

We asked Brad Hager, what is the key to team leadership?

“Never ask people to do anything you’re not willing to do yourself. If I ask you to do three-ways or lead interviews,” he went on, “And I’m not doing them, then I’m not leading, I’m just telling you what to do. A real leader is a team player on his own team. You need to be in there day and night, doing three-ways, leading meetings, and actually doing the business with your people.

brad hager - spa“There’s a scene in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ that expresses this beautifully. The Robin Williams character has gotten mad at Will and stalked out of the building, and now they’re sitting together on a park bench on the Boston Commons. And he says, “You know what, Will? You’re smart-oh yeah, you’re smart. You know all about 747s, you can tell me how much fuel they hold, you can tell me how many meals they serve, how many people fit into one, but I bet you’ve never ridden on one…If I asked you about war, you could tell me all about it, but you’ve never been in one. Until you’ve seen your best friend on the battlefield looking up at you, gasping for his last breath and asking you for help, you don’t know what war is.”

“Well, until you’ve been in the trenches with your people, actually building day to day, theory is theory.”

According to the people in his organization, Brad Hager exemplifies “Servant leadership.” He teaches his leaders that the key to success is “Taking your eyes off yourself and putting them on your people.”

brad hager - beach“Leaders need to realize,” says Brad Hager, “That people’s dreams can be fragile. They may not have the self-esteem to hold onto their dreams until they start taking ownership of the business. Most have been knocked down so many times and told “No, you don’t deserve that, money doesn’t grow on trees, you’ll never do that…” But they believe in you, so you have to hold that dream with them. Once they see that you’re going to be with them every step of the way, they can start to hold it themselves.”

To make sure that his people get that every-step-of-the-way support, Hager spends the lion’s share of his time in interviews and on three-way calls, and takes great pains to make sure that all his team members have full access to him.

“Everybody in my organization, whether they’ve been in one year or one day, has my cell phone and my home phone. I want these people to know how to reach me. I am always accessible.”

Brad Hager is quick to praise his people, and makes a point of doing so in front of their groups. In Hager’s organization, recognition is swift, and abundant.

“Something I learned from the One Minute Manager is “Catch them doing something right.” You have to empower your people or they won’t become leaders. Les Brown said years ago, “Look at a man as he is, and he only becomes worse; look at him as he could be, and he becomes as he should be.’”

“Happiness is he who works and plays and doesn’t know the difference” This is my wish for you, Brad Hager."

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Brad Hager - Network Marketing Leader


brad hager
Brad Hager and his wife Marcia have 37 years combined experience and have earned over $20 million in the network marketing industry.

They have trained and helped 10 people become millionaires and/or multi millionaires, and collectively built downline organizations of over 350,000 people with sales over a billion dollars.

Brad’s forte is mentoring and equipping leaders to not only build large organizations but to also amass teams that perform at high levels and create vast incomes.